We're small business owners ourselves, and we help other ambitious SMB leaders digitally-enable their business.

Origin Story

In 2017, we (the partners at Cub Investments) bought a small field services business from its retiring founder. We immediately got to work digitizing operations, migrating our IT systems to the cloud, modernizing tools, streamlining processes, and automating as many routine tasks as possible. We even designed, built, and deployed custom software to enable our teams with powerful new tools. This gave us top to bottom visibility into everything going on in the company and helped ensure we could scale up every process. Our growth accelerated, and our team's productivity soared. Suddenly we could run all aspects of the business at higher quality, larger scale, and with greater top-down visibility than had ever been possible. Fast forward 5 years and we had repeated the process by acquiring 11 more businesses and running the same playbook.

That left us asking - can we help others do the same? Are there other small business owners out there who would be interested in having us work with them to do this in their business?

That is where the idea for SMB Digital was born.

SMB Digital is poised to bring this playbook to its Clients - other forward thinking small business owners who:

  • are ambitious and want to build a great business above all else

  • believe in the power of technology to unlock new potential

  • want to invest and grow for the long term


Meet Nick Haschka, the Founder at SMB Digital

Nick is an experienced small business owner, entrepreneur, investor, technology systems architect, and low-code software developer. He started SMB Digital to give small business owners access to a level of service and expertise in technology that he wished he'd had as a small business owner.

Nick is also co-founder at Cub Investments and serves as the operating CTO and co-owner at The Wright Gardner, a family-owned B2B indoor plant services business in Northern California.

Prior to getting into small business, Nick held a variety of strategy and technology roles in the clean energy sector, serving as Chief Commercial Officer at Evercar, Director of Strategy at NRG Energy, Solar Project Developer at Amonix, and Founder at 532 Solar. He also was a consultant at McKinsey & Company, where he advised Fortune 500 and private equity clients in a variety of growth strategy and operational improvement engagements, and was a graduate of McKinsey’s Operations Academy.

Nick holds an MBA from Northwestern University and a BS in Operations Research from MIT. He lives in Los Gatos, CA with his wife Christina, and 3 kids, Jack, Luke and Emmy.

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