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SMB Digital helps small business owners implement technologies to accelerate growth and improve operations.

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Wanted: SMB Leaders with BIG plans

Our clients are dynamic entrepreneurial leaders working to improve their non-technology businesses. They get up every day to serve their customers, employees, and communities. They are intense, focused, and strive to make their organization a little better each day.

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Services for Small Businesses

Optimize your web presence

We provide cost effective digital marketing tools and services, and monitor their effectiveness through an easy-to-use portal. We can handle your online listings, SEO, social accounts, advertising programs, and more.

Pick great software tools

We help business owners figure out their technology strategy. We help select the suite of software, solutions, and tools needed to digitize, streamline, integrate, automate, and scale their new digitally-enabled processes.

Implement digital processes

We configure and implement your selected digital technologies keeping a relentless focus on improving user experience, productivity, process quality, robustness, scalability, and cost.

Streamline processes with custom tools

Not finding a good off-the-shelf solution to meet your business or process needs? We can design, build, and handoff or maintain custom business applications using industry leading no- or low-code tools and make it work for you.

Business Process Outsourcing

Outsource business processes

We can takeover many non-core digitally-enabled and remotely operable business processes, run them on a contract basis, and oversee their continuous improvement program as your tech+ops partner.

Collect data to prevent problems

Do you have data collection, monitoring, and automation needs originating from your physical assets? We can bring the sensors, network infrastructure, configuration, and automation solutions to turn sensor data into actions to improve your business.

Client Stories

The Wright Gardner

We designed and implemented the entire digital toolset for a fast growing Bay Area office plant company including a new brand and website, custom low-code service management software, accounting automation, email marketing & sales automation, call recording & transcription system, and more.

Washington Generators

We've advised the new WashGen ownership on technology strategy, software tool selection, implementation, and data automation since they acquired the business in fall 2021.

Vargas Gardening

We turned a 50+ year old commercial landscape maintenance company running in the notebook of its nearly 80-year-old founder into a super lean efficiency machine. We implemented modern software and automations in every corner of the business, which ultimately enabled the business to get acquired by a large competitor after 2 years of work.

Why We're Different

We are obsessively focused on client success. Our services allow our clients to do more with less, driving business improvements across marketing, sales, finance, human resources, and operations. We enable flawless process execution, higher labor productivity, and intense cost discipline.

Our 4-Step Approach

1. Observe Everything

We design methods of digitizing as much of the business as possible to create top-to-bottom awareness and visibility.

2. Improve Productivity

We deliver technology solutions to begin streamlining, integrating, and automating processes.

3. Enhance Process Quality

We integrate lean process design principles to make processes reliable, flexible, and scalable.

4. Reduce Cost

We help clients optimize the labor costs of running their digitized operations.

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Buying a business?

Make sure you look at technology during due diligence!

We help entrepreneurial small business buyers think through technology-related issues and opportunities, highlight risks, develop their technology plan, and then execute it.

We're experienced business acquirers and would be glad to help, so please reach out directly via email.